Adriana Chetty

Adriana Chetty, RID, ASID

Adriana’s passion for visual arts drew her to study Interior Design at Pratt Institute of Art & Design in NYC, where she graduated in May 2007. After working several years for an AD 100 residential architectural firm in Manhattan, she moved to Austin, with her filmmaker husband.

Her dedication to holistic design, and eagerness to work in a collaborative environment found a match in the philosophy of Tim Cuppett Architects. She joined the team in 2012.

Ever the artist, she loves to draw and paint, especially portraits of her pugs. One of her paintings was recently translated into a rug design, sold at Black Sheep Unique! Creatively inspired by traveling abroad (visiting well designed hotels and restaurants along the way) she also dedicates time to support local organizations including the Austin ASID chapter. At home, she enjoys impromptu dance parties with her husband and young son.