With a residential portfolio spanning more than two decades, Cuppett Kilpatrick practices Architecture and Interior Design, led by Tim Cuppett and Dave Kilpatrick; their award-winning brand of Design is not characterized by a single aesthetic but is governed instead by a single idea: edit.

Each project is rigorously reduced to its essential components, considering first, the owner’s needs, wants and the unique Place the home will occupy. Founding Principal Tim Cuppett focuses on producing daylight balanced interiors with a special regard for scale and volume, while Partner Dave Kilpatrick compliments his skill set with an affinity for graphic composition and a thoughtful assembly of the building components.

Cuppett and Kilpatrick engage on each project from the first pencil stroke to the selection and installation of the final interior elements. Their work, not driven by a singular aesthetic agenda, appeals to both modernists and traditionalists alike.

Sensitive to site and climate, expressing a respect for and drawing inspiration from context. "Consult the genius of the place..." by Alexander Pope is the benchmark quote by which their works take shape.


  • 2022 AIA Homes Tour “Belmont Park”
  • 2021 AIA Austin Design Award of Merit “Camp Frio”
  • 2021 Architizer A+ Awards, Finalist “Camp Frio”
  • 2020 AIA Homes Tour “Camp Frio”
  • 2020 Luxe Magazine Contemporary New Home Regional Red Award, “Belmont park”

  • 2019 Texas Society of Architects Design Award, “Camp Frio”
  • 2018 AIA Austin Award of Merit “Inwood Place”
  • 2018 AIA Homes Tour “Eva Street”

  • 2017 AIA Austin Award of Merit “Cornucopia”
  • 2017 AIA Homes Tour “Inwood Place”

  • 2016 AIA Austin Design Award “1 Hillside”
  • 2015 AIA Austin Design Award “Back Alley House”
  • 2015 AIA Homes Tour “Back Alley House”

  • 2015 Texas Society Architects Design Award “Pendleton Farm”
  • 2014 AIA Austin Design Award “Bunny Run”
  • 2014 Southern Living Magazine Best New Home “Bunny Run”
  • 2013 AIA Homes Tour “Courtyard House”

  • 2012 AIA Homes Tour “Pemberton Renovation”

  • 2009 AIA Austin Design Award “House in Trees”
  • 2009 AIA Homes Tour “Historic House”

  • 2008 Texas Society of Architects Design Award “Urban Townhouse”
  • 2007 AIA Homes Tour “House in Trees”

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