Located in a central Austin neighborhood comprised mostly of 1950’s era starter homes, this garden shed serves to replace the storage component of a dilapidated single car garage.

Nestled between a cluster of vintage ligustrum trees and a full sun garden plot, the trees provide late afternoon shade on a translucent roof. Contents of the shed are visible by moonlight as a result of the material selection. Heat gain through the roof is mitigated by passive cross ventilation.

The shed is clad 3 sides with painted hardie panel while the street facing façade consists of a cantilevered cedar rainscreen. The cantilever elongates the building’s proportion and provides a sight screen for garden equipment beyond.

Fencing pickets were chosen for the rainscreen cladding with the idea that when weathered, the structure would become more fence than building as viewed by passers-by. The pickets are arranged in a woven pattern which emulates a cornucopia basket, a whimsical gesture of encouragement to the owner/gardener to produce a seasonal horn of plenty.


2017 AIA Austin Design Award